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Welcome to the Wiltshire Intelligence Network

The WiltshireIntelligence website is replacing this website.

Future publications and a number of previous publications will be placed on WiltshireIntelligence in the Autumn of 2018. Currently, the  2017/18 Health and Wellbeing Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and the 2016 Community Area Joint Strategic Assessment can be found on WiltshireIntelligence.

The Wiltshire Intelligence Network was developed in response to the ever growing demand for local information, be it for developing local strategies, funding applications or assisting local decision making. The network consisted of a number of key organisations in Wiltshire who are involved in the collection and analysis of local data. It is often difficult to know what information exists or who can supply it. Our aim was to improve access to information in Wiltshire by providing a 'one-stop shop' for key local data and reports, presented in a consistent format that are easy to understand and use.

The migration to a new web platform provides new opportunities in presentation that we hope will be more accessible and intuitive to all users.

Information Sharing Agreement

In April 2011 members of the Wiltshire Public Services Board signed up to a unique agreement to share information between them so that they can work together for the benefit of the public of Wiltshire. This top level commitment will provide a steer to all staff of such organisations to work together to bring about a new era of cooperation and support. A copy of this information sharing agreement can be downloaded below.
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