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Wiltshire Council undertakes regular consultations with local residents and service users, with many of these surveys carried out in partnership with other local public service bodies. The results from a number of key, regular surveys can be accessed below. Wiltshire Council's current service consultations can also be accessed by clicking here. The council's latest Consultation Strategy can also be accessed here.

Wiltshire Council and its partners are committed to developing and delivering services that reflect the differing needs of local communities in Wiltshire. In order to do this effectively, we need to understand what really matters to residents. A survey was carried out in December 2011 inviting Wiltshire residents to comment on a range of topics that affect life where they live. This included:

  • How and what we spend money on

  • What we can do to improve life

  • How we can improve safety

  • The natural environment

  • Resident's views on other public services

A total of 7,741 people responded to the survey and the results show extremely high levels of satisfaction with the local area as a place to live and increased levels satisfaction with public services.

Supplementary reports have been created describing some of the questions by community area.

 A report summarising the results from previous household surveys, from 2008 and 2009, can be accessed below.

The Carers’ Voice is a panel of carers who want to have a say in improving the support that is available to carers in Wiltshire. The panel is made up of around 450 people who care for a relative, friend or neighbour. It includes carers of adults and children and of people with a range of caring needs from physical and learning disabilities to mental health needs. They are surveyed with a postal questionnaire twice a year.

There is a steering group of the Carers’ Voice project, which is made up of representatives from Wiltshire Council, Carers’ Support Agencies, NHS Wiltshire and carers themselves.

The results of a number of bespoke consultations, carried out to support the development of specific policies and strategies, can be accessed below.
  • pdf
  • Poverty Strategy Consultation [pdf / 33KB] Produced in March 2011, this report outlines the findings and key themes of consultation carried out with young people to inform the development of the Wiltshire Child Poverty Strategy.
  • pdf
  • Compass report 2010 [pdf / 152KB] This report, produced by the Wiltshire Children and Young People's Trust, outlines the results of a bespoke survey of pupils and staff in early 2010. The report is concerned with exploring how vulnerable pupils find their way to the services that may be able to help them - and then using this information to try to improve the effectiveness of services.
For more information about these surveys, please contact:

01225 713186, or email research@wiltshire.gov.uk

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