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JSA Health and Wellbeing Chapter

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We are delighted to present the Joint Strategic Assessment for Health and Wellbeing 2013/14.

Wiltshire’s Health and Wellbeing Board members work together to understand Wiltshire’s needs, agree local priorities and encourage those responsible for designing and paying for services to work in a more joined up way.  The Joint Strategic Assessment for Health and Wellbeing 2013/14 provides a summary of the current and future health and wellbeing needs of people in Wiltshire.  It has been developed with a clear ambition to further improve the scope and quality of our data, centred on transforming data into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom to provide a comprehensive picture of local needs.

The 2013/14 version concentrates on the key facts and key messages along with a focus on ‘topic reports’, which are areas identified as benefiting from new research or collation of existing disparate knowledge.  In order to continue to provide the breadth and depth of information required, the Wiltshire Intelligence Network website has been utilised to host over 1,000 pages of supporting assessments, briefings and resources presented in an accessible way.

Please click on the picture to open the main report or on the attachment to open the executive briefing.

JSA HWB 13/14

More detailed briefing notes for the topics presented in the Health & Wellbeing Chapter of the JSA for Wiltshire are available in the following sections

If any hyperlinks are found to no longer work please report them to research@wiltshire.gov.uk
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