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Transport and Communications

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This page contains information relating to transport and communications, including broadband and mobile phone coverage in Wiltshire.

The Local Transport Plan sets out the council's objectives, implementation plans and targets for transport in Wiltshire. The plan, and its appendices, contain an assessment of the problems and opportunities for transport in the county.

The Road Casualties in Wiltshire & Swindon 12th Joint Report can be accessed through the Crime & Community Safety section of this site. Information on the highways within each of the Area Board areas, including the numbers of CLARENCE (Customer Lighting and Roads Enquiries Centre) calls from within each area, can be accessed by clicking here.  

Information on annual average daily traffic flows for every 'A' road and motorway in the country can be accessed through interactive mapping tools on the Department for Transport website.

The Department for Transport (DfT) also produce reports regarding many other aspects of transport which can be found on the statistics section of their website. A report on the attitudes to transport in Britain has been produced by the DfT.

Currently not all parts of Wiltshire have the same access to broadband. This is due to the fact that Wiltshire is a large rural county and it is uneconomic in some areas to supply broadband and the next generation superfast broadband to homes and businesses. Around 5% of all households currently receive a poor service with very slow broadband speeds and over half of all premises are unlikely to receive superfast broadband by 2015. Wiltshire Council is investing in digital inclusion and superfast broadband provision to support residents and local businesses. More information about the Wiltshire Online programme can be found here.  

Two surveys have been carried out in order to understand the views of residents and businesses regarding existing broadband services in Wiltshire, as well as their aspirations for future provision. A total of 3,622 residents responded along with 425 businesses. The results of these surveys have been analysed and are being used to inform the council's Wiltshire Online programme. The full report setting out these results can be downloaded below.    

Initial mapping and analysis of the broadband services available in Wiltshire was carried out in 2009/10 and a report setting out the results of this analysis can be accessed below.
In July 2011, Ofcom published a series of data and maps examining broadband performance and take up at local authority level. This data can be accessed here.

These 3G coverage maps by mobile operator were prepared in January 2009 by Ofcom. The shaded areas on the maps indicate areas where customers have the possibility of making and receiving a call outside over a 3G network (but with no guarantee of being able to do so). They do not indicate areas where customers are able to access higher data rate services.

All operators produce their own coverage indicators on their websites which are likely to provide more reliable guidance to network availability in any given area. The accuracy and detail of the maps are not to the same level as the mobile operators publish. These maps show UK-wide general coverage and are not suitable for zooming in to see specific locations i.e. a particular house or street. Also they are not suitable for assessing the quality or depth of coverage within the indicated areas (e.g. different operators may be able to offer better or worse data rate services or support a smaller or greater number of users).

It should be noted that the data used to generate the maps was not collected for the purpose of examining detailed mobile coverage therefore the availability or quality of mobile services cannot be assumed from these maps.

The coverage maps are based on theoretical predictions and were used as an intermediate step for Ofcom establishing the operators compliance with their 3G licence rollout obligations. For the full details see the consultation and statement on assessing compliance with the 3G rollout obligations on the Ofcom website: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/consult/condocs/3g_rollout/. The maps only provide a snapshot of the extent of network coverage achieved by the operators at 31/12/2008 against the relevant coverage threshold.

The maps are provided without any representation or endorsement made and without warranty of any kind, whether express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, security and accuracy.  


For more information, please contact:

01225 713186, or email research@wiltshire.gov.uk

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